Yram Cobain

Fashion and Decor

Masami Hair with Hat [^.^Ayashi^.^] for @Kawaii Project 
Let's Go Pose Fashiowl Poses for @Lost&Found 

RFL Tree  Aphrodite Shop for @Fantasy Fair
*Vintage Cart* Watering Can Dreamscapes 
*Vintage Cart* Flowers Dreamscapes
*Vintage Cart* Bucket Dreamscapes
*Cute Kawaii Cats * Flip ~Your Dreams~ for @Lost&Found
*Cute Kawaii Cats* Flop ~Your Dreams~ for @Lost&Found


Deila hair  [^.^Ayashi^.^] for @Cosmetic Fair
Bookworm Glasses [Mello] for @Kawaii Project
 Bun Loose Socks [CoD!] for @Kawaii Project
Bun School Loafers [CoD!] for @Kawaii Project
Book Of Sass Qirky for @Kawaii Project

Cutie  Water Bottle {Imeka} for @Kawaii Project
Sweets Planters {Imeka} 
*Bunnies Dreams* Intellectual ~Your Dreams~ for @TRÈS CHIC
*Bunnies Dreams* Designer ~Your Dreams~ for @TRÈS CHIC
Banila Sky Gacha CMYK for @Kawaii Project 


Dark Heart Hair [Mello] for @Limit8
MiniRinger GATO for @N-21
Cecelia Capris RIOT 
The Freckles Tattoo GATO for @N-21

FP02 Pose Sari-Sari for @Bloom

*The Atlier Couture* Pavilion Serenity Style for @Shiny Shabby / Rare
*The Atlier Couture* Mannequin Serenity Style for @Shiny Shabby
*The Atelier Couture* Table Serenity Style for @Shiny Shabby
*The Atelier Couture* Sketches Serenity Style for @Shiny Shabby
*The Atelier Couture* Stool Serenity Style for @Shiny Shabby
*The Atelier Couture* Panel Tools Serenity Style for @Shiny Shabby
*The Atelier Couture* Tissus Box Serenity Style for @Shiny Shabby
Sweets Planters 10 {Imeka} for @Bloom 
Balloon Ellyfant Yellow KITE
*Frame Cute* Van vintage ~Your Dreams~ for @Shiny Shabby
*Frame Cute* Snooby ~Your Dreams~ for @Shiny Shabby
*Frame Cute* Stiletto ~Your Dreams~ for @Shiny Shabby
*Frame Cute* Cat ~Your Dreams~ for @Shiny Shabby
*Frame Cute* Elephant ~Your Dreams~ for @Shiny Shabby



Sit 1 Pose Sari-Sari for @Bloom
Sakura table CMYK for @Limit8 / Rare
Sakura Bottles CMYK for @Limit8
Sakura can Beer CMYK for @Limit8
Sakura Bento CMYK for @Limit8
Sakura Papers CMYK for @Limit8
Seaside Candle Lantern Shutter Fields for @Shiny Shabby
Seaside Tray Shutter Fields for @Shiny Shabby
Seaside Bag of Towels Shutter Fields for @Shiny Shabby
Sweets Planters 7 {Imeka} for @Bloom
Sweets Planters 5 {Imeka} for @Bloom
Bunnies Dreams Farmer ~Your Dreams~ for @TRÈS CHIC


 Kaila Hair [^.^Ayashi^.^]
LeNoir T-Shirt V3 Semller for @Epiphany
Roxanne 5 Pose BellePoses for @THRIFT SHOP


Co-Ed Slumber Party .peaches. for @Epiphany
-Blanket Fort / Rare
-Poopin' Potato Exclusive
-Karaoke Pink
-Boyish Posters
-Spin the Dildo Pink
-Blanket Fort / Rare
-Truth or Dare
-DVD Stack
-Peachstation Console
-Video Games
-Sleep Mask Lashes 
-Soda Cans
-Bunny Plush


Punk Rivet Hip-Hop Snapback NS:: for @The Thrift Shop
Like Him Shirt NS:: for @The Thrift Shop
Graffiti  Pose Fashiowl Poses for @The Thrift Shop


Freja Bistro Chair BIGBULLY for @Bloom
Freja Bistro Table BIGBULLY for @Bloom
Freja Tall Planter BIGBULLY for @Bloom
Freja Low PlanterBIGBULLY for @Bloom
Garden Deck  Shutter Fields for @On9
Sweets Planters 7 {Imeka} for @Bloom


Dallyne Summer House Raindale for @Cosmopolitan
House Deck Shutter Fields for @On9


Shepherd's Purse Horn NAMINOKE for @The Seasons Story 
Dandelion  3 Pose Fashiowl Poses for @Bloom